Meet the Divas!

Clare Otto – Owner

Clare has been creating cakes since she was 13, when she made a scrumptious birthday cake for her grandmother. She learned many techniques in England, where she grew up, through “Sugar Craft” classes and experimenting in her kitchen!
In 2013, Sugar Divas Cakery was born and Clare now has a team of 6 to support her.

Clare’s favorite flavor is Amaretto Raspberry.

At Sugar Divas, our passion is to create, teach and entertain. We offer decorating parties for events ranging from ladies’ nights to children’s birthday parties.

Clare with one of our role models!

Our mission is to celebrate every occasion and evoke emotion with our visually-stimulating and delectable cakes.

The Team

Jen (Cake Artist/ Manager) – I’ve worked at Sugar Divas since it opened in 2014 and have been decorating cakes since 1999, and am now the manager here. I love to make any 3D sea creature cakes – especially sharks! Outside of work, I enjoy working out, reading, and hanging out with my family – I love being a mom! My favorite flavor is Red Velvet.

Kylee (Baker) – I love taking my time to find the perfect solution for every person and situation. I’m passionate about writing, photography, marketing, and snacks (…maybe not as much as Jen, though!) I’ve been at Sugar Divas since 2019 and my favorite flavor is Orange Creamsicle.

Lydia (Cake Artist) – Baking and creating art are my lifelong hobbies, and I’ve worked at Sugar Divas since 2015 where I am able to combine the two. I started as the baker and learned everything I know on the job to become a decorator! Food cakes and painted cakes are my jam. I spend my free time creating costumes and painting watercolors. My favorite flavor is French Toast.

Hannah (Cake Consultant) – I went to school for hospitality management at UCF and I’ve been a cake consultant at Sugar Divas since 2016! I love giving good customer service and seeing people get joy out of what we can make for them. My family is fitness-focused and my two girls are as active as we are! My favorite flavor is Lemon Cheesecake.

Life’s one big cake, add some icing!

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