How do I place an order?

The best way to start your order is to email us some pictures of what you are looking for – we can use a picture of a cake, put some different cake pictures together, or use your invitation or decorations for inspiration. Make sure to include the date you need it and the number of people you need to feed so we can get you an accurate quote. Once you receive a quote from us, give us a call to finalize all the details and confirm with payment. Check out our How To Order page for some more info!

Do you require a deposit? When is my final payment due?

For all orders we require 100% payment at least 1 to 2 weeks before the date you need it.

For wedding orders we require a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure your date. Payments can be made in installments up until 2 weeks before your wedding date. Final payment is due 2 weeks before the date you need it.

How much notice do you need?

We need 1 – 2 weeks’ notice for all custom orders, confirmed with payment.

We have a selection of cakes we can do for you with less notice (at least 24 hours) – Click here to see the options!

How much is a custom cake?

All our pricing is custom depending on the size you need and the design of the cake. Please email us pictures with the date you need it and the number of servings you need and we can get you a custom quote.

Do you deliver? How much is delivery?

Yes! Please email us the address so we can give you an accurate price for delivery. We also offer curbside pickup during open hours.

Do you have Gluten Free or Vegan options?

Yes! We can make gluten free and vegan cakes and cupcakes in most of our flavors for a small additional fee. Custom orders only – we need time for these!

Do you do tastings?

Yes! We offer tastings daily by appointment only. We charge $20 per tasting which will be taken off your total amount upon placing an order with us. We schedule up to an hour for you to taste 6 flavors (including our most popular) and talk you through sizes and design options. We ask that you bring some pictures and inspirations (think Pinterest board!) so we can give you a quote during your tasting. We also offer To-Go Tastings ($10) if you would like to take a tasting platter to enjoy at home.

If you would like custom flavors to try at your tasting, please order at least 48 hours prior – custom flavors are $5 each and custom fillings are $1 each.

For wedding tastings we also offer complimentary champagne for 2 by request.

Do you do buttercream or fondant designs?

We can do both! We choose which one to use depending on the design of the cake. Some designs specifically call for fondant, but don’t worry – ours is delicious!

How should I care for my cake?

When picking up a cake from us, you will need enough space to place it on the floor of your car or in your trunk without the possibility of anything falling on it. Or you can bring a friend to hold it!

Please don’t put your cake or cupcakes on the seat of your car – they’ll fall over and get squished!

If you’re worried about transporting your order, that’s ok – we can deliver! Please email us the address so we can give you an accurate price for delivery.

When you get to your destination, do not refrigerate the cake as it will destroy the design! Room temperature is perfect (even overnight!)

Do you make fake tiers?

Yes! If you want your cake to look bigger without being bigger, we can make that happen!

This is not necessarily a good way to cut costs, however. We price mainly on the time and detail of the design rather than the servings of cake, so if we’re doing something intricate, it will cost more than something simple (real or fake!)

Do you offer cake decorating classes?

No, we do not offer cake decorating classes. We do however offer Individual decorating parties. They are $30 per cake and we offer them in house or to go.

Do you use fresh or sugar flowers?

We use sugar flowers. If you would like fresh flowers on your cake, please ask your florist to provide and place those for you – we don’t have the capacity to store flowers at the shop and we think florists handle fresh flowers much better!

We can also use silk flowers if you provide them before the date your order is due.

How many flavors can I choose for my cake?

We recommend one flavor per tier (e.g. if your cake is 3 tiers, choose up to 3 flavors!)

Can I order online?

You can order daily cupcakes and 24 hour cakes online (just please understand we may not always have every flavor available).

For custom orders, we need to take payment over the phone or in person.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept every major credit and debit card, cash and checks.

Can I make changes to cake after ordering?

We ask that you please make sure all changes to your order are decided with 1 week’s notice. However, if you need something changed in less time than that, please call us and we will see what we can do!

What are your Refunds/ Cancellation policies?

Cancellation policy:  Cancellations with a week or less notice may receive store credit only or you may postpone your order for a later date free of charge at our discretion. Cancellations 2 weeks or more from your order date will receive 100% store credit, you may postpone your order for a later date free of charge, or a 25% cancellation fee will be applied. Our store credit does not expire. 

Refund policy: If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason, please return the remainder to determine the issue. Either credit or refund may be given, on a case-by-case basis. If not returned, only credit may be issued.

Do you have a Loyalty/ Referral program?

Yes! We are a part of Clover, an app that allows you to earn money back every time you order with us! Download the app and make sure to check in the next time you order!

Can I order same day or next day?

We have a selection of cakes we can do with 24 hours notice, and we have cupcakes for day-of orders. Give us a call if you need a cake the same day and we can look to see if we can fit something in (it all depends on the day’s schedule!) Flavors may be limited.

Do you have cupcakes daily in store?

Yes! Our popular flavors go fast, though! Check the list here to see our daily flavors.

Do you offer smash cakes for 1st birthdays?

Yes! A simple smash to match your birthday cake is only $20 (more detailed designs will be considered a custom cake).

Do you make adult themed cakes?

Yes! Don’t be afraid to talk to us about any adult themed cakes for your bachelorette (or any occasion) parties!

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